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There is a large selection of cam profiles available for the X/flow and pre-X/flow from various suppliers.
Below are a selection of the ones we have used that have shown good power and reliability.

All cams below are ground onto new blanks. They have the largest base circle that the profile will allow for best reliability.  Cam duration is given at .016” Clearance.

Cosworth A6    
Race 5000-9000 rpm    
Valve lift .404”    Duration 304    Timing 46/78 78/46      $326.00
Cosworth A8 
Race 5500-9000 rpm    
Valve lift .410”    Duration 312    Timing 56/76 76/56      $326.00
Modified A8+
Race 5000-9000 rpm    
Valve lift .480”    Duration 312    Timing 56/76 76/56      $326.00
Street/Rally 3000-8000 rpm    
Valve lift .448”    Duration 290    Timing 42/68 78/32      $326.00
Rally/Race  4000-8500 rpm    
Valve lift .470”    Duration 300    Timing 47/73 83/37      $326.00
Full Race  5000-9000 rpm       
Valve lift .492”    Duration 310    Timing 52/78 88/42      $326.00

Cam Followers/Lifters  (Set)
Competition cam follower - Narrow stem for early 105/116/120 engines  
                                                                                      PR-CF76-PX      $256.00
Competition cam follower - Wide stem x/flow 711M Uprated engines        
                                                                                      PR-CF77-XF      $256.00

Above cam followers are available with special hard low friction coating, good for use 
with radical profiles and a must with steel billet cams.      
Add to follower price (set)    $100.00

Timing Gear
Steel duplex timing gear set. 
Time with off-set dowels for adjustment ...                      PR-S800     $191.00

Steel vernier timing gear set. 
No off-set dowels needed ...                                       PR-S130     $234.00

Double width timing chain tension pad ...                         PR-S700     $ 47.50

Replacement duplex timing chain ...                                PR-S520     $ 48.00

Oil Pump
Side mounted oil pump. 
High pressure and high capacity ...                                 PR-0P50      $169.00

1500CC PRE X/FLOW HEAD RACE KIT                   PR-PXRK      $490.00  
What you get ......
8- Super light race valves made from high quality one piece stainless steel forgings.  
    Black nitride finish for excellent durability and low friction operation.           
    Inlets are 1.560” dia.  Exhausts are 1.360” dia.  All with 9/32” dia stems.
8- High tensile bronze valve guides.
8- Very high quality silicon chrome valve springs, 
     good to .500” lift and 8500rpm
8- Lightweight steel valve spring retainers.
8 - Steel spring seats machined from billet.
16- Billet valve keepers.
What you need to do ......
Head porting and polishing for best performance is at the discretion of the tuner, the following will also be necessary.
The head needs to have the existing integral valve guide tops machined flush to give a flat platform for the new spring kit. The guide hole then needs to be reamed out to accept the new bronze guide which is pressed in place and reamed to fit the new valves.
Most of those weepy oil pan leaks come from the corners of the pan gaskets often due to the gasket being pushed out when the sump is pressed into place. By installing studs into the end holes, the pan gasket is anchored in place preventing it squirming out before you can install a bolt to hold it.
OIL PAN STUD & BOLT KIT    TCP - SBK     $28.00


These lightweight valves are machined from stainless steel one piece forgings.  
Black nitride coated for improved durability.
All valve sizes with 9/32 dia. stems ...

1.625” dia Inlet. 3.945” Long ...      $ 22.50
1.560” dia Inlet. 3.945” Long ...      $ 28.50
1.500” dia Inlet. 3.945” Long ...      $ 28.50
1.300” dia Exh.  3.920” Long ...      $ 22.50