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Lotus Elan Series 1/2/3/4 and +2   Rear Suspension A arm bushings. Includes diff tie rod bushings.

ELA - RM02

All our rubber mounting are produced with a 30% stiffer rubber than the standard Lotus mounts making them ideal for a competition car.  Some of the rubber mounts on the Elan are quite large and contain a good volume of rubber, like the Lotocones and rear inboard A arm bushings. These allow a lot of movement not only of suspension components but also the struts, engine and diff. None of this is desirable in a competition car. Many race groups dictate the use of the original style rubber mountings, and for that purpose these mounts are ideal. Also for road cars the mounts work fine and do not transmit any extra vibrations or harshness when compared to the standard soft mountings.

Elan series 1/2/3/4 with Weber head ......  ELA - RM03

Elan series 4 with Stromberg head .........  ELA - RM04


Lotus Elan Series 1/2/3/4 and +2  Front Suspension A arm bush kit.  Includes Lower roll bar pick up bushings.

ELA - RM01

Engine mounts are completely filled with rubber to help stop the sag that happens with the standard mounts allowing the carbs to bang on the foot box. Price is per pair.

Rear Suspension Lotocones for strut tops.

Each ..... ELA - RM05

Differential hanger mounts.

Each ..... ELA - RM06

Gearbox mount.                            

Each ..... ELA - RM07